What comes to your mind when you see an aircraft flying over head? To some it is just an ordinary scene, we notice that everyday, we hear the sound so often. But if you have ever observed little kids you know it is a special ordinary scene to them. They follow it shouting “ndege yehutsi”(smoke airplane) if it’s a jet. When they see a helicopter the first thing that comes to their minds is there must be some soldiers around, they associate it with the military. It still remains that way to some adults. Some in whose veins run blood like hydraulic oil, who wish to be pinching salt with pliers, screwdrivers instead of chopsticks, multi-meters instead of stethoscopes. Who aren’t afraid of heights, Gs and dizzying speeds. Who are comfortable with a control stick that a steering wheel. They are called Aviation Enthusiasts.


On this platform we explore the fascinations of aviation enthusiasts with a beautiful viewpoint of the field like a rising sun. Enjoy your reads.


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